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This eBook May Save You Thousands of Dollars


We Could Save Your Company Thousands of Dollars

With North Dakota collection agencies charging contingent fees ranging from 25% to 50%, using an Attorney Demand Letter may save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the account.

A Powerful Attorney Demand Letter to a North Dakota Debtor May Be All You Need to Recover Your Money

Just fill out the form with your customer’s account information and instead of using a North Dakota Collection Agency who will charge a high contingent fee, let our collection attorney demand letter service do the rest. We will create your demand letter based on the information provided and we will send it directly to your North Dakota customer once it is completed.

The Power Behind an Attorney Demand Letter Makes People Take Action

Following up with your North Dakota clients about their unpaid invoices is a great way to start the process of collecting from your debtors, but by putting the power of an attorney demand letter behind your demand for payment in North Dakota, your clients will more than likely take your urgency for payment very seriously.

Don’t Let Your Company’s Money Burn

What if I told you there was an easier and less expensive way to collect account receivables than using a North Dakota collection agency. If you hire a North Dakota collection agency you may end up spending thousands of dollars in contingent collection fees. By using an Attorney Demand Letter, you might not need to go through the entire costly North Dakota collection agency process to collect unpaid debt.

The Free eBook, Collecting Account Receivables, will teach you everything you need to know about the collection process and the steps you need to take to get paid. We have watched countless companies throw their money away when they could have spent a fraction of the price to get their money back using an Attorney Demand Letter. The eBook, “Don’t Let Your Company’s Money Burn” was designed to simplify the process of collection to help companies and sole proprietors learn the steps they can take to get their money back.

When your company has past due account receivables that are owed from your customer, there are several options it can consider. Using a North Dakota collection agency is a possibility, however, it may not be the most effective way to collect past due debt. At Attorney Demand Letters, we will send collection demand letters to your clients for an affordable flat rate and push them to make payment before taking further legal action.

North Dakota collection agencies can also make collection phone calls to attempt collection of your company’s money. However, a North Dakota collection agency is not licensed to practice law in North Dakota. North Dakota Collection agencies cannot file suit to collect your money. Collection agencies in North Dakota also charge a contingent collection fee.

Our commercial collection law firm has launched a new program to assist companies that are owed money from their customers in North Dakota. Now your company has an opportunity to put the power of an attorney demand letter behind their demand for payment before having to pay contingent collection fees to a North Dakota collection agency.

If your customer is located in North Dakota, our debt collection law firm will send your customer a demand letter indicating that this is their final opportunity to make payment before legal action may be instituted in North Dakota to collect your money. Our law firm also has an option where just like North Dakota collection agencies we will make a debt collection phone call.

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