About Us

AttorneyDemandLetters.com is managed by The Gebeloff Law Group, a division of Stephen B. Gebeloff, P.A. The firm concentrates on assisting creditors nationwide in attempting collection of account receivables. Stephen Gebeloff, the managing attorney for the Gebeloff Law Group, has been concentrating his practice in the creditors’ rights arena for over 20 years and is licensed in Florida.

The Gebeloff Law Group utilizes a vetted list of co-counsel established over many years to offer its clients the option to litigate in all 50 States. All Network Attorneys concentrate their practice in creditors’ rights; adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act and other State specific collection laws. Throughout the collection process our law firm clients will receive email reports of the progress of each case submitted through a web based password protected software management system.

All new cases submitted can be emailed, faxed or uploaded directly, for creditors with multiple accounts, onto our web based management system utilizing a unique log in and password. Documentation can be scanned and uploaded to each case to streamline the process and save costs. Cases are updated as they are worked and you will receive informative email reports as to the status of your collection case.

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